Award Descriptions Below:

Nominations must be received by May 25, 2018.

Travel Grants:

Travel Grant applications must be received by May 4, 2018.

2018 Livestock Insect Workers’ Conference

Student Travel Grant Guidelines


These competitive travel grants will be awarded to full-time graduate students enrolled in an accredited institution of higher learning and pursuing studies in livestock entomology. 

To be eligible for one of these awards, applicants must: ​

  • Prepare and submit a presentation abstract

  • Attend the 2018 LIWC in San Juan, Puerto Rico

  • Present their paper at the meeting​


Applicants must also complete and submit LIWC Student Travel Grant Application Form. The applicant’s major professor/sponsor must be a historically active participant and attendee of LIWC meetings.  The sponsor’s signature is required on the Application Form.


Award funds must be applied to travel to the 2018 LIWC.


An estimate of the total cost of travel to and from the LIWC meeting must be provided.  The total amount of funds awarded to an applicant in a single year will typically be a maximum of $500.00.  The total number of awards each year will depend on the availability of funds, number and quality of applications, and location of the LIWC.

Please submit the following documents (via email, as “.pdf” files) to

  • LIWC Student Travel Grant Application Form with all necessary signatures;

  • Student’s LIWC Presentation Abstract; and

  • ONE PAGE letter of support from the student’s major professor/sponsor​




MAY 4, 2018.


Selection of awardees from applicants fulfilling all of the above-mentioned requirements will be judged primarily on two criteria: (1) the written and apparent scientific quality of the abstract; and (2) the sponsor’s ONE-PAGE supporting letter explaining and documenting the significance of the research to be reported by the individual and indicating why the person is deserving of this award.

Award recipients will be notified before the LIWC meeting.  Awards will be presented to the recipients at the 2018 LIWC banquet or soon after the meeting.