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Lifetime Achievement Award in Livestock Entomology

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Industry Appreciation Award

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Award Nominations

Selection for these awards is based on the following criteria:

  1. A career livestock entomologist actively pursuing research and/or extension (Lifetime Achievement) OR career employment with industry in the area of livestock entomology (Industry Appreciation)

  2. Active participation in the Livestock Insect Workers’ Conference.

  3. A dedicated spokesperson for the profession.

  4. An individual who has made significant contributions to animal health and productivity through livestock entomology.


Nominations are limited to two, single-space pages
Font size: 12 ; Margins: at least 1”


**Please be sure to directly address each of the criteria listed above and include examples, if possible.

**Two pages of additional material can be submitted, e.g. letters of support, compilation of support statements, etc.

**To strengthen a nomination, consider coordinating with other colleagues!

**Should multiple people nominate the same individual, we will contact the nominators about combining into a single submission.


Award recipients are selected by your elected members of the LIWC Board.


Nominations must be received by April 28, 2024


Please e-mail nominations to Pia Olafson (
*All submissions will receive a confirmation of submission within two business days. 

Student Travel Grants:

Student Travel Grant Guidelines


These competitive travel grants may be awarded to full-time graduate students enrolled in an accredited institution of higher learning and pursuing studies in livestock entomology. 


To be eligible for an LIWC Student Travel Grant, applicants must: ​

  • prepare and submit a presentation abstract,

  • give a presentation during the Annual Conference,

  • have a major professor/sponsor who is active in the LIWC, and

  • not have previously received a LIWC travel grant.


Travel grant funds must be applied to travel to the Annual Conference during the current year. The amount of each award and the total number of awards each year will depend on availability of funds to support these travel grants. Students who have previously received a travel grant are not eligible to receive another LIWC travel grant.

The travel grant application packet must include the following documents:

  • LIWC Student Travel Grant Application Form with all necessary signatures (see link below);

  • student’s LIWC Presentation Abstract; and

  • a ONE PAGE letter of support from the student’s major professor/sponsor


             *  Please compile files into a single, *.pdf file for submission

Please e-mail student travel grant application packets to
Pia Olafson (
*All submissions will receive a confirmation of submission within two business days. 

The Student Travel Grant submission deadline is:

April 28, 2024


Selection of awardees from applicants fulfilling all of the above-mentioned requirements will be judged primarily on two criteria: (1) the written and apparent scientific quality of the abstract; and (2) the sponsor’s ONE-PAGE supporting letter explaining and documenting the significance of the research to be reported by the individual and indicating why the person is deserving of this award.

Award recipients will be notified before the LIWC meeting with funds provided to award recipients during or shortly after the Annual Conference.

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