Origin of the LIWC 

The Livestock Insect Workers Conference began in the summer of 1956 as an informal meeting organized by researchers at the USDA Livestock Insects Research Laboratory in Kerrville, TX to disseminate information on pest control products for cattle.  At the 61st Annual Meeting of the LIWC, founding member Roger Drummond of the USDA lab discussed the origins of the LIWC and you can read this history by selecting the button below.

 LIWC Meeting History 

In the summer of 1956, USDA researchers and industry partners organized a meeting they called the "Animal Systemic Insecticide Conference".  By 1957, this conference had expanded and was renamed as the Livestock Insect Workers Conference with the first Annual Meeting held in Kerrville, TX.  In 1986, the LIWC began awarding a Lifetime Achievement Award for members who have made significant contributions to animal health through livestock entomology.  In 2012, the LIWC added the Industry Appreciation Award to recognize participating members of Industry for service and contributions to livestock entomology. For a full history of meeting locations and awardees, select the button below.